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Painting Classes

Have you ever wondered why your favourite place is always close to the water's edge?

Have you been drawn into a painting of cool aqua water and immediately felt soothed?

Have you admired the brushstrokes that somehow invite you into this water of life that reinvigorates the soul?

Have you dreamt of owning a painting of that place of immense beauty – that is cherished by your family, is so close to your heart and is flooded with great memories?… then why not take the 'plunge' into a journey of learning and capture that unique WATER OF LIFE for yourself?

WATER OF LIFE invites beginners to kick off their shoes and paddle into the coastal playgrounds of this great State – leaving behind schedules, pressures and yearning… to 'BE' intoxicated by paint and pure luminous colour while enjoying some creative time out. Also suited for the more experienced artist my knowledge of perspective, colour layering to achieve translucency and treatment of light will evoke infinitely personal reflections of that special place…


Take the plunge…. You have always wanted to!! Believe in yourself and be guided by artist and teacher Genevieve Montgomerie to create something truly special!

Dig out photos of those special places you cherish with loved ones. Multiple photos of the one scene is ideal so we can work with best light/water movement/framing…

If time allows (it’s worth it) return to your chosen place and take dozens of photos (Yes - even on your phone) join frames together so that printed images can be stuck together in your workbook so we have a great range of frames/angles/light to choose from.

Think about how big you want your piece to be. Who it is for and where it will live? Ideally I am hoping to guide you through this selection process before our class begins so please contact me on or 0401 771 875.

As the ideal canvas size/proportions are unique to every piece I ask that you supply your own canvas which can be ordered from Nick (at Claremont Framers) on 0411 220 018. I can assist with advice on the canvas proportions once we have the right image selected. Jacksons or Riot Art also provide artist quality canvases.

All other materials (paints, easles, brushes, aprons and refreshments) are provided so show up ready to STIMULATE YOUR MIND and create something beautiful that you will be proud of!

The cost of classes for adults is $680 per term (8 x 2 hour lessons)
Children’s classes are $480 (8 x 2 hour lessons).
Maximum of 4 students per class.

Students will be attending one of the following classes for 8 weeks (with option to continue painting post 8 weeks).

Tuesday: 10:00am | 12:45pm (adults)
Wednesday: 12:45pm (adults) | 3:45pm (children)
Thursday: 10:00am | 12.45pm | 6:30pm (adults)
Friday: Escape to the Ocean 9-4pm (single session)
A Taste of Art: 6-9pm
Saturday: 9:00am | 11:45am | 2:30pm (adults and/or children)

Genevieve is happy to form a class with a minimum of 3 students.

Please register your interest for these classes and more details will be available to you.
Payment is required for the classes when booking is made.
Rescheduling of classes can be arranged provided sufficient notice is given to allow for working in with other students placements/movements. Thursday 12.45-2.45

Adults Artwork Classes

Adults Artwork Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn to paint your favourite spot on the water... a landscape… or still life – realistically? Join artist and teacher, Genevieve Montgomerie, in a weekly class to be taught step by step how to approach your chosen subject.


Children’s Artwork Classes

How do they paint the water or nature that way?? Come and learn! Children will work on their own waterscape or still life from nature and begin to understand colour layering, perspective and painting what they actually see!!.

'A Taste of Art' classes

Single Session Workshops

Take a dive deep into the magic of capturing the water… In small classes of 4 students only, artist and teacher, Genevieve Montgomerie will guide you through painting the sky, horizons, waves, reflection, translucency, shallows over sand and clouds.

More about Genevive Montgomerie...

More about me…

Montgomerie’s style weaves effortlessly between social realism and a contemporary take on the techniques of the Old Masters.. Painterly yet smooth, inviting yet intimately personal reflections… her works are a testament to the light, depth, moods, possibilities and energies of the cleansing ‘Water of Life’ she finds herself immersed in.

Montgomerie is probably best known for her intricate acrylic studies, capturing the quality of outdoor life shared by Australians indulging in the pleasures of coastal living. Her Western Australian works, in particular, are spontaneous and simple in subject yet recall for the observers a familiar perspective they cherish as particularly ‘Western Beauty’.

Having lived in Cottesloe, Swanbourne and Mosman Park for 20 years now, Montgomerie feels very much a part of the rich beach culture she reflects in crisp aqua waters and bold golden light of the ‘Indiana’ hemmed edge of Australia.

Once described as ‘technically traditional with a refreshing twist on the realist’ Montgomerie’s work is strong and vibrant with a determined expression of her national pride.